Vagabond kitchen & tap house requires a $200.00 non-refundable deposit for use of our banquet rooms. This deposit is applied directly to the event total.

Guest Count

A guaranteed guest count is due 5 days prior to your event. Your final bill will be based on this amount. For example, if you guarantee 20 people and only 18 attend, you will still be charged for 20 people.


Payment is due at the conclusion of all events. Vagabond accepts cash, Amex, Visa and Mastercard as payment methods.

Alcoholic Beverages

All alcoholic beverages must be provided by the vagabond kitchen& tap house. Under no circumstances are any beverages of any kind be allowed into the restaurant. Vagabond maintains strict compliance with all New Jersey state abc laws. legal drinking age if consumption is twenty one(21). Vagabond offers a variety of beverage plans that may be purchased in addition to banquet food menu purchases.

Event Length

The vagabond reserves events on a per event basis. we ask that your event starts and ends within the specified time in your banquet contract. events that run longer than contracted may be subject to additional charges.


The vagabond has two different rooms in which to host your event. The fireplace room is for smaller parties up to 40 people. The main beer hall can accommodate up to 80 guests. Events which require additional restaurant space can be determined before you book your event. Events booked on Friday or Saturday nights may be subject to additional charges.


We have created five(5) different banquet packages to meet your party’s needs. In addition we have party platter and hors d’ourves menus. Special menu request can be given to the chef when booking your event. In addition we have created four(4) different alcoholic beverage packages if your event requires. *menus and pricing are subject to change.

Desserts & Cakes

The vagabond can provide desserts upon request including cakes in addition to the banquet menu purchased. We do not charge a cake fee if you decide to bring your own and will provide the cake cutting service.


The vagabond does allow events to be decorated with removable decorations. no staples or any wall damaging items may be used. We also request that you do not use small confetti. any damage done to the facility during your event will be the guests responsibility.

Kids Menu

Children attending a banquet may choose from our kids menu at our regular price.


The vagabond does have scheduled entertainment and events. If you wish to provide your own entertainment or DJ, it will be subject to current events that may already be happening on the day of your event.

Service Charges

All events are subject to an 18% service charge which will be added to the final bill by management. 7% sales tax will be added to the total cost of the function, including service charge, in compliance with New Jersey state law.

***Prices will be subject to change on parties that are booked Friday and Saturday between 6pm – 9pm.